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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

MapToday saw the beginning of a marathon of drives that would take us out of the Desert and once again towards civilisation. Our first gruelling 7 hour drive would take us to the small town of Santa Fe located in the state of New Mexico.

This town would not be seen by me or any of the males on the trek in fact, mainly due to the monopolisation of taxi firms in the area. To cut a long story short the girls, went out early in the van with the tour guide into Santa Fe while myself and the other lads on tour decided to take a cooling dip in our camping grounds swimming pool.

We then all got showered and dressed to go out and then we ordered a taxi, which we instantly declined as the total cost of a cab into town and back would be $100 for both ways. Not only is this an extortionate amount of money but the town is only 9 miles away and so $50 for a one-way trip to town in the hope of meeting up with the girls to give us a lift back would be absolutely ridiculous.

Instead we decided to check the local yellow pages (yes they do have the yellow pages in the US) for other taxi firms which we later discovered do not exist in the Santa Fe area. i.e. one cab runs the show, so they can afford to charge whatever the hell they want...that's Loco man!!!!

All's well that ends well however as the girls came back that night officially drenched from a terrible down pour that occured while they were out.

Asleep and Dry I look forward to our next destination...Carlsbad.