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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Aug 2006

Location: Del Rio, New Mexico, USA

MapAfter what seems like a milennia, we finally escaped from officially the worst campsite in the history of the world!!!

Our destination the small town of Del Rio a place that will hopefully border my first ever official drinking session in a non EU country...Mexico!!! Hey Gringo, You want to see my sister!!!!!?
We arrived at the campsite at about 4pm and set about the usual routine of pitching tents listening to Thu-Tam who we actually found is not from the wonderful island paradise of Hawaii but instead from the land of America's greatest loss. VIETNAM (Sucky, Sucky love you long time!....only $5)

We then set about the long walk that would take us to just across the border to a little town we never actually found out the name of, however it did play host to some pretty amazing goings on, such as the filming of the Antonio Banderas classic, Desperado and we actually had the chance to drink in the bar where it was actually filmed.

Successfully merried up we moved on to check out the local eating establishments, partaking in such delights as quesillidias pronounced (kay-se-dee-as) which is meat in melted cheese served with nachos and also mexican style (meaning plastered with hot sauce and peppers) fillet mignon steak.

The night ended up with a taxi ride costing $25 back to the border from the US campsite, all because Ting Tong got drunk and so couldn't drive us back to camp.

Other than that a pretty good night.