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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Aug 2006

Location: Home Sweet Home, TX, USA

MapWell lack of internet access for the next couple of days means that I'll have to give my account of today from an Internet Cafe, just 50 miles from my old, newly adopted home (if you catch my drift) of San Antonio, Texas.

Yup roughly half-way through this tour of America I'm back again in the land of cowboys, trucks and of course my old friend Walmart. For some strange reason I felt pretty attached to the 'lone star state' and impressed everyone on the tour with my information on San Antoni, such as the mall and the Alamo, which even our tour leader knew nothing about.

Tomorrow we head off to the state's capital of Austin, which is meant to be 10 times better than Austin according to the majority of Texans that I've spoken to whilst being here.

Only time will tell...