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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Aug 2006

Location: Austin, TX, USA

MapThrough a strange quirk of fate, and luck, the campsite, for some inexplicable reason let the entire group bunk up in their luxury cabins. and even more strangely at no extra cost!!! Still we weren't gfoing to argue especially after another 7 hour journey the day before because one of the members of our group started throwing up due to 'travel sickness' or '10 cans of budweiser the night before as we like to call it', we were happy to have a proper bed to sleep in.

Today was our first and only chance to get into Austin, which saw me spending half the time looking a place to sort out some lost Traveller's Cheques for 5 hours and to no avail. However what I did grasp from the hustle and bustle of the Texan Metropolis was that they have an awesome infrastructure and bus service. $1 lets you ride any bus for 24 hours!!! but there are way to many office blocks which meant that places for tourists are minimal.

The place to be at night however is 6th street where all the college kids hang out, listening to live Jazz musicians at a place called 'Saxamophone'.

Other than this there isn't a lot in my eyes at least that can compete with the history/bar filled San Antonio. All in all a pretty awesome place to go.