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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

MapThe next leg of our journey took us 350 miles away from Texas to beginnings of our journey into the 'Deep South'. First stop...New Orleans. For what we were told would be the non-stop party of our tour, regardless of last years catastrophic hurricane 'Katrina', however this was as we expected not the case.

Crime has increased roughly 150% since Katrina and looting still continues even now, luckily our group was not exposed to this as we were confined to about 6 or 7 streets deemed 'safe' to walk along. New Orleans is now a ghost town, most of the shops have been closed down and so as a result prices are high due to the governement forcing companies to charge as much as possible in an effort to try and rebuild the once world reknowned city.

The only people who are left in New Orleans are the crazy people who stayed with their homes and are now homeless as a result of 'That Bitch Katrina' (as one t-shirt describes!!!) or those who are musicians on pilgrimage to the land of blues and jazz. The nightlife is pretty upbeat and no door checks for ID as the local government is still trying to get money from every available wallet or purse in New Orleans (or 'Norlans as the locals pronounce it). Drinks are cheaper the closer to the gay and lesbian streets you go, luckily, my ever faithful Lonely Planet guide to the USA labels all of the gay bars and so we avoided them at all costs.

Another cool thing about New Orleans is the fact that you can take your drink from one bar into another, making New Orleans one big street party. Pretty kool.'