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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Sep 2006

Location: Washington DC, DC, USA

MapThe day started off with the most amazing experience of the entire trip....White water rafting. Seeing us take on class 4/5 rapids. Rapids are classed from 1 to 6 btw.

1 being swimmable to 6 being unachieveable even in a kayak. If by some stroke of luck and madness someone actually completes a class 6 without dying it then becomes a 5+ rapid, therefore this gives you some idea of the rapids we faced.,

The entire trip lasts about 4 hours seeing us falling out the boat at every opportunity and getting soaked as a result of head on collisions (me and Rob were at the front of the dinghy) with waterfalls and plunge pools.
We then got dried off and faced another 7 hour drive to the nation's capital of Washington DC.

Successfully arrived at our destination we set up camp and set about gorging ourselves with a $5 (yes that's about 2 pound 70) all you can eat chinese buffet. Spot On.