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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Sep 2006

Location: Washington DC, DC, USA

MapThe second day of our stay in Washington began with a 9.00am bus ride in to the heart of the capital itself. What followed was in my opinion one of the biggest displays of patriotism I have ever seen. Everywhere you look in DC you'll find some kind of monument or museum devoted to the history that shaped America.

From the Holocaust Museum, showing the Nazi regimes horrible treatment towards the jews, or the National Air and Space Museum, which plays host to a model of The Zeppelin as well as the actual Apollo 11 moon capsule.

Many of the museums are actually free and are an awesome way to get a glimpse of American heritage. The monument I found most amazing was the Vietnam Memorial, which had 6 different McGovern's who died during the war, 3 of them dying when they were 20 years old, the same age as me. Pretty Scary stuff.

The National Monument which stands at an impressive 555 and a 1/4 ft in the air can be seen from practically every part of the city and is even greater emphasised by the reflecting pool made famous in Forrest Gump, where Tom Hanks walks through it to get to 'Jenny'. The Lincoln Memorial is even bigger than you imagine as he sits about 50 ft tall in total, and has the Declaration of Independence on his left side and the American Constitution on his right.

When I was in DC, disaster sruck in the from of a controlled explosion on the Subway by the DC Swat team, which instantly brought a military prescence in the form of a Chinook helicpoter and 2 presidential helicopters. Other than this minor setback everything was pretty kosher and so the group headed back to base for a BBQ cooked my way. I.e. A huge rack of ribs plastered in Smoky BBQ sauce, which obviously so good that there wasn't any left when I wanted some and of course the classic BBQ favourite burgers.

Unfortunately today was our last day and so we had to do the only thing we could with the remaining food...BURN IT IN THE FIRE.

Obviously the first thing to go was the goat's cheese which even after 21 days had still not been eaten, closely followed by Peppermint leaves, which were brought to 'season' the meat on the BBQ by our clueless vietnamese guide. Obviously being the British type I said 'Bollocks' and carried on cooking in true British style. Peppermint burgers, was she crazy or what?