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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Sep 2006

Location: Washington DC, DC, USA

MapHaving successfully burned the food, it was time for Ting Tong to tell us that we were in DC for another day...Bugger!

Oh well it meant that we all go to go to a local mall and do some eating and shopping. However first we had to be searched up until the point I could almost hear the sound of a rubber glove being snapped on to Mr. Washington DC Policeman's hand!!!

However after some initial friction, no pun intended, we were finally let in to the mall which hosted a smorgesbord of shops to keep the girls satisfied and food stores to keep us satisified, especially after my one burger BBQ digestion, which left me hungry as you may imagine.

Bringing me on to my point that there is no need to go on a Trek America holiday simply because there are too many hidden costs to handle, including the fact that if you eat only the $150 limit for food for the Trek your group could be used for an Oxfam Appeal video.

We got back to the camp full up and ready to dip into the ice cold waters (and it was ice cold!!!) of the camp's swimming pool.

Last day in a tent..! Sheer Bliss!!!