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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Sep 2006

Location: New York-New York, NY State, USA

MapFInally after what seemed like forever, the Ford 350 ecoline that travelled over 6000 miles from Los Angeles all the way to the Metropolitan heaven of New York, finally arrived.

We promptly escaped from the tour bus, checked into the hotel, never again to see another Trek America tour van for as long as we lived. (Well Almost, we saw one the next day!!!)

The hotel itself cost us $70 a night each however the rooms actually cost around about $370 which gives you some idea of how good this hotel actually is.

Beethoven playing in the lobby, a concierge service free of charge to help you plan trips at a moments notice and of course an entire floor devoted to a gym that you can use for just $5 for the whole day.

Our obvious destination was however straight to a subway to head on down to Times Square which boasts one of the largest TV's ever created by man and of course a plethora of shops that cost the same in dollars as they do in pounds back home, making New York City a giant 50% sale for me and the rest of the group.,
For example, in England we have the 99p menu, however in New York it's the 99c menu, making it worth about 55p. Cheap as chips one might say.

The lights that are on in Times Square make it seem almost like daylight and comes pretty close (but not quite) to beating the lights over on the west coast in Las Vegas.
However no matter how much we wanted to stay up it was unfortunately back to the beacon hotel to salivate over our 'fit-for-a-king' room. BISH BASH BOSH, jobs a good'n.