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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Sep 2006

Location: NYC, New York State, USA

MapToday was one of mixed emotions, sadness because of the fact that all of my mates who i've lived with in a box no bigger than 5 metres by 2 metres (ie the van) have now to depart leaving me on my lonesome in this absolutely monstrous city.

So our first challenge was to have a proper sending off by way of breakfast in a proper Manhattan diner. My choice of substanance was 3 lumberjack pancakes, with 2 eggs ('over easy' of course - or cooke on both sides), 2 pieces of bacon and a sausage as well as a surprise in the form of a slice of ham underneath the pancakes, served alongside a glass of real orange juice (as in you see the oranges being squeezed by a machine) and a cup of tea, which wasn't half bad even by American standards.

We then headed back downtown for a visit once more to Times Square and also the NBA store, where you can play one-on-one against a friend. After a couple of hours doing some serious window shopping it was back to the hotel to chill out and wait for the aiorport shuttles to pick up each of the leftover trek members one by one.

While we were waiting, we did manage to talk to another trek group that had exactly the same problems as us whilst on tour, leaving me to wonder if any other groups had similar problems.

Finally at 5.00pm everyone had left leaving me to check into my hostel on 96th street conveniently one subway stop up from the Beacon Hotel. The room's pretty tightly packed - 8 bunk beds stacked wiht a 1 metre gap in between but it's clean and has an en-suite bathroom so a clean shower whenever I want.

As usual back into town to check out such places as Virgin Megastore where people are always eager for you to buy stuff, and Toys R US where you can ride on a huge indoor Ferris Wheel. Fun for all the family. Oh yeah and Starbuck's, my latest addiction.