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Govern’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Sep 2006

Location: NYC, New York State, USA

MapAnd so it begins my first day all alone in the city that is New York, where every streets is filled with well known movie locations, hot dog vedors and people doing their 9-5 thing.

Today was pretty intense beginning with a 3 hour stint in the local American Express office trying to get hold of some well earned cash which was greatly needed since I successfully maxxed out my credit car. After much blood, sweat and copious amounts of arguing, I emerged victorious with $450 in one hand and the head of the office clerk in the other...just was $460 altogether.

Successfully cashed up I did the only thing a man could do when he hasn't seen any green other than the Mastercard logo for 2 weeks, spend like Michael Jackson in Mothercare. My purchases for the day were as follows.

One Levi T-Shirt : $19
One Pair of Levi 501 Jeans: $44
One Pair of Skechers shoes: $65

Looking like a pimp...Priceless. For everything else there's maxxed out Mastercard, accepted nowhere.

And so the day carried on without a hitch, well almost. What follows is the gospel truth and lets face it after reading it there's no way I could have made this story up.

Having successfully spruced myself out, I headed over to the SoHo Apple Store to check out some more free internet access.
As I approached I could tell that things were not quite as they seemed, ie half of the entire staff were lined up on the steps of the shop and I was pretty certain that somebody famous would be arriving shortly. What happened next was nothing short of unbelievable and gobsmacking.

The lady in front of me dropped her hand bag on the floor, she stepped aside so that people could get by on the sidewalk, I then proceeded as you would into the Apple Store itself, and began my journey into the underground work of architectural genius (the store is below street level and you have to take the stairs or the elevator to the bottom), to my shock there was a sudden scream and thunderous handclaps that eminated from my rear. Last nights curry perhaps, nope, just the entire staff congratulating the lady who had previously dropped her handbag, who had just become the stores 1 millionth customer, leaving me dumbfounded and in shock, and then if that wasn't enough she was promptly furnished with over $3000 worth of Apple electronics, an iMac, iBook, iPod and of course the accessories that go with it.


And so there it is folks the story of how I became the 999,999th customer to enter the Apple Store SoHo.