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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Sep 2006

Location: The Big Apple, N Y State, USA

MapDay 5 of my time in 'The Big Apple' and I have to say it's pretty intense, and if one thing's become clear it's 'When in Rome...', meaning that the only way to have a good time in NY is to act like a New Yorker, ie get to places quickly and don't be too slow when asking for things especially in Starbuck's where a recent poll in the NY Post suggests that New Yorkers spend an average of 20 minutes just to get their expensive (but not for the Brits - it works out to about a quid for a large tea) caffeine fix.

I decided to not let the whole being Mr. 999,999th customer wear me down and so I hit Macy's where customers from abroad, such as myself are entitled to 11% of everything in the store - except cosmetics. Awesome! So I brought a few gifts for people a CK T-shirt here a DKNY top there and it came to less that $40. Sweet!

After a pretty early start it was back off to the hostel for a mid-afternoon chillax which then turned into me having dinner with a really nice girl from Tenessee who was in the hostel overnight as she's got a job working for a media company here in New York, and so an hour or 2 later and successfully well fed on an awesome Italian pasta dish that you need 2 tongues to pronounce it was back to the hostel to get ready to meet some of my friends who would be in town as of tomorrow.