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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Sep 2006

Location: NYC, NY State, USA

MapToday was officially the busiest I have ever seen a city, mainly due to the fact that today sees the NY Giants take on the might of the Indianapolis Colts, seeing ticket prices fly through the roof (I tried to get a ticket - $300 bucks!!!) mainly because of the rivalry of the Manning brothers, who play on opposite teams - Eli for the Giants and Payton Manning for the Colts.

Whilst the build up for this game was going on, Times SQ was pretty much closed down which was because of the Broadway on Broadway show which puts many of the songs and performers from the Broadway shows on a huge stage in Times Sq, ending in a huge tickertape explosion from the roofs above, making for a pretty astounding photo op.

After the festivities had ceased I headed over to 14th Street where some of my friends from Camp Stewart, were staying thus initiating an all night bender watching the game in a local bar, with pitchers of budweiser costing just $12, for about 5 pints worth, split between 4 works out to about $4 including tip.

Unfortunately the Giants lost 26-21 meaning that there was an extra downer for tomorrows 9-11, 5 year remembrance. Until tomorrow...bye, bye.