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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Sep 2006

Location: NYC, New York State, USA

MapToday's plan was to go out to the World Trade Center site and see the 5 year anniversary memorial, luckily for us, however we turned on the TV first. The site was absolutely packed, with press, government officials and of course George W. Bush. Having seen this footage, showing just how hard the terrorist attacks hit New York, we decided that we (ie. Me and the folks from Camp Stewart) would give it a miss and go for a picnic at Central Park.

As we were getting ready my fellow Camp Stewarts comrades realised that they hadn't booked enough nights in their apartment and so the first half of the day was devoted to finding another place for them to stay. After about 3 hours of searching they ofund a hostel just 2 minutes walk from their door, in a hostel run by the same company that are in charge of my current accomodation.

Thoroughly stressed out we headed into the heart of New York as some call it, Chinatown and Little Italy, where we successfully chowed down on an awesome Lasagne dish for around about 5 bucks. Not bad considering that they were some good eats...! One thing that we did notice about Little Italy is that its remarkably similar to Mexico where little 'Manuel' looking waiters try to coax you into their restaurant, only in Little Italy the waiters all look and talk a little like Tony Bennett. Chinatown is much the same as Little Italy, only that between each of the restaurants is a tiny chinaman shouting 'DVD, DVD, YOU WANT DVD!!!' whilst waving a knock-off Harry Potter film in your face. Interesting to say the least.

And so 30 minutes walk, a subway ride and a Starbucks later I found myself back at the Hostel, Jazz on the City, ready to be kept awake by the old man (he's about 60) who keeps getting out of bed and pacing up and down the room every 30 minutes. Crazy, Crazy Guy!

Oh well until tomorrow, I'll try and get some sleep.