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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: NYC, New York State, USA

MapFinally at 3am last night the crazy man got into bed, so we could all at last get some sleep, only to be woken up at 7am by a couple of Aussie's staggering through the door after a drunken night out.

All was not all in vein as the early wake-up call meant that I could get a proper nutrition filled breakfast that can only come from a healthy McDonald's breakfast, straight after which saw another subway ride to the WTC (World Trade Center) site. Even though I'd witnessed the site on the news and on the memorial yesterday, nothing could prepare me for what ground zero is like. There are posters with messages to deceased loved ones and as well as people who have not seen their loved ones, dead or alive, since the day of the attacks. An overpass lets you go over the top of the constructions site and check out the progress itself.

Most impressive of all at ground zero is the statue of a cross composed of two iron girders which apparently were recovered as is from the 9/11 wreckage.

After this eye-opening experience, I paid a visit to my friend from camp, Alex Dunbar, at his apartment apartment, which is situated right next to the WTC site and must cost an absolute fortune to live in. Brand new kitchen appliances and of course a doorman who knows him by name waiting at the revolving doors in the lobby. An extremely lush apartment.

Unfortunately Alex wasn't there but he told me where the key was over the phone while he gave me a teleconferenced guided tour of his abode. Sweet! Having spent a good 30 minutes talking to Alex, I then left the apartment building and ran straight into another friend from Stewart, Jason Trisos, who coincidentally had also come to visit Alex. Instead he had to settle for me and so we did the only thing two men who haven't seen each other for a while could do...go for a burger at Burger King. Spot On!.

Several hours later and it was back to the hostel, to discover that crazy man had gone (good thing) and that a couple of hot girls had moved in instead...bonus!

Until tomorrow...