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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Sep 2006

Location: JFK Airport, NYC, USA

MapThe time is 11am. I am tired and more importantly depressed. As I look out of the terminal windows at JFK, the skies have become grey and it has started to rain, as if giving me a sign of what can be expecte whe I touch down in aound 15 hours time at Heathrow.

Lookily I am not alone in my moment of melancholic unhappiness as a few of the folks from my hostel also fly back today.
My plane was meant to leave at 5pm which meant that I decided to stock up on that classic American delicacy...the 'all you can eat' chinese buffet and as it turns out I have a ew found love of both squid and oysters.

As I board the plane (only an hour late due to a problem with one of the business class passengers) it had finally settled in, the feeling I had when I left for America, but this time in reverse. The feeling that I was not leaving my comfort zone, but in fact going back to it. Home cooking, having washing and ironing done for me (typical student living at home), and after having 4 months of this freedom to whatever I wanted, when I wanted, and having the had the experiences that have spanned from white-water rafting to learning to ride a horse for the first time, I really can not see myself settling in to my mundane routine of university and life as usual.

It only seems like yesterday that I was donning my backpack in true Ghostbusters style, and getting ready for the unknown. This trip has changed my life and just like Arnie says, I think it's more than likely that, 'I'll Be Back'

To Be Continued...?