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D.J’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: Nightcaps, New Zealand

MapWell first thing is first... and thats to say thankyou to Matt and Helen on giving me the idea for putting on my life and experiences and travels for everyone to see.
Well its just two more days in Southland here in NZ till I go on my Journey in my no rego, no warrant, no deisel milage for 60,000k's self painted(tail paint) van.
Some of you know me and know me well, and I am going on a journey most of you wish you could do and you just never know where I will be or doing , that when you have a holiday sometime somewhere, and we could catch up .
I am now a member of the VSA (volunteer services abroad), so I will never know where I am going to go,and what I am going to do.
I am a hard man to keep track of and keep down anyway, as most of you know, so I have got this plan that every now and then I will come on here and add photos and tell you how my life is going and what mischeif I am getting into and also the funny things that happen along the way.
I will catch up with most of you as I drive in my very road legal van north to depart in Auckland about the 5th of June, I have no money , no plane tickets, and no plans of what I am going to do, but thanks to Dad he's going to Fiji again this year , that is where I will start.
Well here is some photos to start off and yes Mike I took these photo's on your time! David didnt get any decent ones!