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D.J’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Jun 2006

Location: Auckland!!!! AAAHHH!!!, New Zealand

MapWell I have had enough of traffic now and I have been living in Auckland now for two weeks.... thats the problem with the country boy going to the city...
I only want to drive at 100k's + but no its down to 20 or a standstill from 4pm till about 6.30pm and thats just on the royaloak round about not even going to mention the southwestern motorway{ which we can see from the house} so we always know when not to travel and when there has been an accident or stupid little things like a rego and warrant check at 3pm in the afternoon, boy they get some people though!
But not me any more coz I have a new car.... and if I havent mentioned it before I will mention it again for those that have missed it...
I have a new car... BMW to be precise...YAY!
I am going to name my car ... DEVILS PLAYGROUND
This baby will get me in trouble ... but the pictures just dont do her justice
This car needs to be driven, I went to Matamata yesterday and she just purred all the way... I did not speed I promise...not!
I am fine though all in all.... and the texts from my brother in Fiji are just about all I can
Well theres my update for now...Oh I have to ask ...
What do people think about me being a sperm donor...its just something going through my head at the moment, so tell me what you only live once and its a chance to make someone else very happy!