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D.J’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Jul 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapWell I have to say... some people are really not nice...
I have such a nice car... or did have!
Someone last night decided to throw a big rock , like I am saying a BIG ROCK, you know ... one that weighs a few kilo's,
Now I dont think that I have that many enemies, but I wouldnt say I dont have none, but common this is my pride and joy- I work damm hard for what I have got as most of you know, and I have parked in the same spot many times before... oportunists, maybe, but I have my theories too.
Anyway ...about my mate thats having problems!!!
The good guy is still not in front yet , but hes making progress, even though he is still coming last in a two horse race.
He doesnt give up very easily mind you but its slowly taking its toll as he cant keep being beaten down, as it will effect him at some stage, but whats a boy to do?
Nice guys shouldnt come last, now hes been told that he is coming first at the moment by how much time she is spending with him , but the other guy is still coming first and still gets the love you too at the end of the texts... whats he to do , coz he really likes her and doesnt want to leave her, but she may be doing his head in sooo much that he cant sleep, but on the other hand ... she makes his day as a smile comes across his face when he gets a text from her or his phone rings and its her... what to do , what to do...
Maybe some of my contacts that read this will be able to answer that...???