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D.J’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Jul 2006

Location: New Zealand

MapWell not happy today... but hey we have our ups and downs dont we and if was meant to be easy it wouldnt be called life!
About my last update , my mate has taken a step back as he is a good guy, nice guy and doesnt need to be hurt anymore than he can see he is going to , but I can tell that both of them should actually be together, the way that they have a sparkle in their eye and the way he looks at her and the way she melts under his touch, but with another man in the picture that she cant let go of, even though she told him and gave him hope that she would. He will wait for her , but I dont know how long and she will have to get in touch with him when she has taken that step of getting rid of the other guy.
but you know what I say....
A man that is in love and is rejected will do the only thing that he knows how to do, and that is run away, and fall in love with the second most important person, you have a time to get to him , the book isnt closed until he meets someone else, but once he meets someone else the book is closed and can never be reopened because it will hurt him too much!...just a little bit of D.J advice their for everyone!
I still havent found out who threw the rock on my car but we will slowly narrow it down...hahahaha
All in all a pretty miserable day in weather and in body!