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Bill Butterfield’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: York, UK

MapSatuday 24th. Drove from York, around mid-day and arrived at Lumley Castle the site of Julie and Rod's Wedding being held tomorrow. This is the castle where the ghost of Lilly Lumley frightened the pants off some of the Australian Cricket Team just over a few weeks ago. It is only a rumour, I'm sure, that the English Eleven are trying to coax Lilly to accompany them to OZ for the coming series. Still any help to beat the old enemy is to be explored.
Whatever the Australians think of the Castle it's a wonderful spot to have a wedding.
We had dinner to the accompaniment of a muder mystery played out between coures, naturally including Ghost Lilly to flush out any visiting Australians.
After a great night, having solved the mystery, well by some of us, we managed to make it to bed around 1am. lulled to sleep on a wave of red wine.
Sunday 25th. Wow what a way to start a day, a full and I mean full English Breakfast we actually ate for the week. The restful morning was taken, which was vital to the recovery of some of the party, I of course held myself well above the need for such