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Bill Butterfield’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: UK

The weather wasn't the best but it didn't matter as everyone was hell bent on having a great time.
The Bride looked magic and so happy while the Groom resplendent in the full regalia, kilt and all, of a very happy Scottish gentle man we now know him to be.
It was wonderful to see the happiness that both Julie and Rod felt, being so obviously in love and so keen to tie the knot.
Long may their happiness endure as all of the over 70 guests are positive it will.
It really was an experience to be a part of, a totally magic affair.
Alan gave the bride away and after his speach, sang two love songs, with the guitar accompaniment of Philip, which made a terrific impression on the assembled mob.
Monday 26th. After another super Breakfast in the Knight's Room we set off for a wander down memory in Suderland for Audrey and I. We roamed around the town and visited all or old haunts, homes, schools, parks etc.Satisfied with the tour, we set off for York, stopping off at Stokesly for a pub lunch.We made it home at about 4pm. having Pork and Chicken Pies, Ham and Salad for dinner and our now usual libation of a very flavoursome bottle of Red Wine. Fell into bed around 10pm. and expired immediately.
What a wonderful weekend!!!