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Bill Butterfield’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Jun 2006

Location: UK

MapTuesday 27th. Had a well earned day very relaxing day. Alan I went and met his old pal Sam in the Six Bells Pub at Strensal while the girls had an uninterrupted shopping spree at Sainsbury's.
Sam was a real old character who had spent about 19 years around the Snowy Mountain Project taking over the management position of the Government Jindabyne Fisheries for the last 15. He then left his wife in Australia for a visit to UK but as he put it he forgot to use the return half and took up a new life in Yorkshire. He and I believe his wife were both happy for the plan he'd adopted.
The girls enjoyed their freedom Beverley buying a pair of shoes, well anyone that knows her realises that she never has enough of those.
The only thing that grieved me was that she bought them out of the money that I'd saved the day earlier.
Wednesday 28th. Off to Northallerton Markets for the day and from not going to ''buy nowt'' Alan won the day by buying most.
Mind you He and I won the prize for best purchase by getting the finest Burger ever!!! we each had a Buffalo Burger 1 inch thick from locally farmed Buffalo and oh boy did they taste brilliant. I think Alan has decided to make it a regular pilgrimage from now on.
Thursday 29th.Filey was the destination for the day which we made by lunchtime for what Alan declares are the best fish and chips in the country if not in the world, (I daren't mention The Snapper Spot in Terrigal he might have a seizure). I must say they were very good Fried Haddock, chips and mushie peas, ''eeeeh reet luverly'' The fish hung over the ends of a very large plate and that included the Lemon Sole that Beverley and Audrey had.
We then visited the cliff top park, in beautiful weather to find a crowd watching and listening to a very good professional Trumpeter playing to recorded backing tracks we were so impressed we both bought a CD which we listened to on our trip back to York. He really does play some great stuff.John Barker was his name from Derbyshire.
Two quieter days but just a bit of English Magic.