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Bill Butterfield’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Jul 2006

Location: UK

MapSaturday July 1st. Met up with Bob and Beryl Cluderay for lunch at a Pub The Anchor at the village of Whixley between York and Wetherby. Got home in suufficient time to watch the World Cup debackle. They should take young Rooney to some place quiet and lopse him until he can prove he can grow up and show some restraint when provoked as Monty Python said ''he's just a naughty boy'' I've seen a few of the games and they've played mediocre opposition and managed to win but they have never played well.
We didn't cry cos' we thought defeat was inevitable.
Then we crossedto Wimbledon to see Murray beat Roddick running our watching into a WW11 army adventure capture of a significant bridge, not very good but enough to send us off to bed at 11pm. only to realise all 4 of us had forgotten that we were supposed to have gone to a Concert.
Sunday July 2nd. Aquiet day at home in York, managed to get tickets replaced and attended the concert this evening at 8pm
It was a good amateur show enjoyed the evening.
A bit of Australia on Tele John English in The Pirates of P
enzance very good. Off tomorrow to Scotland at 7am. Oh my gord!!!Talk to you all soon.