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Bill Butterfield’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Bath, UK

MapMonday 10th.July Suprised David and Moira Halliday after a gorgeous drive from Peter's through Ribblesdale then over the moors to Hawes and finally to Swaledale (Low Row). We stayed in a cootage on the farm that Dave and I started visiting on our school day holidays 56 years ago. The farmer and his wife had managed to keep the secret that we'd be visiting and their amasement on site of us left D & M gobs macked. After 4 days roaming around our old haunts we set off on our trip down to Lymm to to visit Rona Williamson another very old friend of some 56 years. Needless to say that was quite a trip down memory lane.
On the way upon attempting to photograph a particularly attractive bridge in Swaledale (Ivelet) I managed to fall in the river camera and all. 3 days of drying out the camera returned it to full working order, God was kind.
Mopnday 17th. July arrived in this beautiful city of Bath, visited the Jane Austen Centre which was terrific and managed to lose each other in the city. A very happy reunion calmed both savaged breasts and a wonderful dinner in Abbey Square was our reward. Off today to Devon type to you later.