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Bee’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Jun 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

MapHey guys,
Just had such an amazingly hectic weekend, you can't imagine! On Thursday morning I left with Sam and the Upper Thirds on the Leaver's Camp. We drove for about 2 and a half hours until we got to Derbyshire. The story of where we stayed is most bizarre. We actually camped on the playing fields of a school, while the kids were walking around going to school. I must say, it felt a bit weird, but you know...When we arrived, we set up camp and got ready to go walking in the White Peak of the Peak Disrict (Derbyshire is the Peak District). It wasn't a hectic walk at all - kind of just a leaisurely stroll next to the river. It was nice and hot, so we got ice-creams at the end and just chilled. Back at camp that evening, we just went swimming and we had a game of X-Factor with the kids.
On Friday, we went to ALTON TOWERS. It's the biggest theme park in Britain with loads of cool rides. Sam and I went on all the rides and chilled in the sun. It's weird, I didn't find the big rides very scary - maybe it's just age! The water ride where you sit in bath tubs (like the logs in Monkey Falls), was pathetic. Monkey Falls definitely takes the cake! Anyway, it was beautiful weather, so we had a rad day.
Saturday morning we didn't do anything special, just packed up and came home. Back at home, we all just sun bathed and watched the World Cup Football all afternoon. In the evening, we went to the pub with some of the Six Formers and then played cards and 30 seconds into the early hours of the morning.
Today I went with Laura and 30 girls to a cricket tournament. I didn't really have to go, but it was a nice day to chill in the sun. I have to go now and play rounders with a bunch of kids. The school is doing a community afternoon thing, that they asked us to help out with.
Okie dokie, I promise I will write again soon,