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Bee’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jun 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

MapLol - On Tuesday we had the biggest storm Bishop's Stortford has ever seen (not actually, but still). We had thunder and lightning and torrents of rain. Our road was like a white water rapid and getting across to the dining hall (5 minutes away) for tea proved to be very interesting. As we tried to cross the road, a car drove past, through a puddle, and wet us completely from head-to-toe. It was hilarious! Anyway, the storm caused some serious mayhem in the school. Shell, the building where I work, was completely flooded as well as a few other buildings. School has been called off for the Shell kids for a few days, and they probably won't be going into the building a lot for the last few weeks of term. I went in there this morning and it STINKS - all the carpets are fermenting! Hehe, tis actually really funny!
Yesterday I had to go to the French Conuslate to get my visa for the summer, and after sitting there for 5 hours (a trying ordeal in itself), they only gave me a 45 day visa. This means that I have to buy a new plane ticket home, because I have to cut my holiday short by 12 days. It's a bit of a mess-up, and I'm a little disappointed, but what can I do...