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Bee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jun 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

MapMorning all,
Monday morning again - can you beat it?! Well, actually, this Monday morning means the start to probably the best week of the year (maybe over-exagerating just a wee bit!) Wendy is coming to visit me tomorrow which is totally cool, and then me marmie is coming on Friday - YAY!
This weekend Shan came down from that far-off place of Manchester (Alderley Edge to be precise) for the weekend. ON Saturday we spent the entire day in Cambridge looking around. We went punting on the River Cam and saw all the colleges and famous things in Cambridge. We also spent quite a while looking around the shops, and then used our amazing naviagtional skills to get back to the station via the back roads! On Saturday evening, we watched football and Big Brother and then went out for a tiny bit to The George (a pub where all the 6 Formers hang out). It was pretty crap, so we bailed. On Sunday morning we watched King Arthur and then headed to the station for Shan's train.
Hope you're all well,