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Bee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Jul 2006

Location: Grenoble, France

MapOk, so today Ben and I are off on our trip around Europe. After lots of 'advice' from our parents, we're finally packed and ready to go. We're going to Basel in Switzerland first, and then we're going to Heidelberg in Germany. Don't worry, I will keep you informed of what we're up to and where we are.
Mum and I had such a cool time in Paris. We did loads of walking around - we saw practically all the big attractions and a little more. The Palais de Versailles was particularly impressive. We ate some good food - especially the crepes!
We arrived in Lyon on Friday afternoon and Ben met us at the airport. On Saturday we went walking in the mountains and visited some little villages. Ben and I even had a snow fight in the snow right at the top of the pass.
Yesterday we went very early to one of the mountain passes that the Tour de France was passing through. We waited for ages in the boiling hot sun, and eventually they came and went in 5 minutes! The atmosphere was great though, and we had a good time.
Well, I better go - things are getting exciting...Love and miss you all very much and I wish you could all be with me on this great adventure.
Ciao for now.