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Bee’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Heidelberg, Germany

MapWow - it's hot over here! It's 33 degrees in the shade and we're dying! Lol, actually, Heidelberg is a beautiful city. We arrived here yesterday after a long train trip from Geneve to Basel (Switzerland) on Monday, and then another train trip from Basel to here. We pitched our tent in a little campsite on the edge of the river and we had aour own little branch over the water. The Old Town is made up of buildings made of a deep red rock, so they're quite different. There are lots of churches around and there is a ruined castle on the hill. We've spent hours just walking around enjoying the atmosphere. We're off to Dresden tonight on a night train (very exciting - we get little beds in the train!).
Will keep you all posted,
Lots of love,
Bee and Ben