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Bee’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: Olympia, Greece

MapSo, we spent a lovely night in a campsite right across the road from the beach in Patras (well, near Patras). It was so great cos we had a sunset swim and the water was so calm and warm. We also had a nice swim in the morning before we set out for Olympia. The public transport in Greece so far has been attrocious! It took us ages to get from Olympia because our train was late, so we missed the next one t Olympia. Anyway, we arrived, and we had a nice swimming pool to greet us. We've been eating some traditional Greek food which is delicious. Today, we went to all the Olympic Games museums. There's the modern one and the ancient one. We also went to the archeological site of the Ancient Greek Olympics and we saw the original stadium - pretty cool! It has been incredibly hot here, so we've spent quite a while next to the pool today as well.
Tomorrow we are going to Athens for the next few days - really looking forward to it.
Will write again soon...