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Bee’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Aug 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

MapTo be honest, Athens is not what I expected it would be...It's pretty much like a 3rd world country - very dirty and definitely not very up market. We arrived here yesterday eveni after a very long and hot train trip from Olympia. When we evenutally arrived at the station, we called around to find a hostel, and everything was full. So, half an hour later, we found ourselves in a 3 star hotel. We had no other options, and the hotel is only 30 euros per person per night including breakfast - not much more than a hostel. Anyway, last night we slept so well in comfortable beds. We had a proper shower and we even had air-conditioning!!!
This morning we got up really late and had our breakfast etc. We then walked up the road to the National Archeological Musuem where we spent literally 3 hours. There's loads of prehistoric artefacts and statues, and all the things you expect to find in an archeological museum. It was quite interesting to be fair. After the museum, we had our lunch in the garden and spent the rest of the hot afternoon sleeping on the bench - we tend to do that a lot!!!
We still have two more days in Athens, so we have loads of time to see all the sites etc. On Monday we are taking the bus over-night to the Pink Palace in Corfu.
We've been traveling for 3 weeks now, and it's getting a little exhausting. I'm getting a little bit of an ear-infection from all the swimming that we've been doing. I'm a little bit irritated with this because I can't not swim in Corfu!!! Oh well, I'll survive...
I hope all of you at varsity aren't getting dumped with too much work, and that the rest of you are well, whatever you're doing.
Missing you guys so much,
Lots of love,