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Bee’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Aug 2006

Location: Corfu, Greece

MapSo, I heard about this place where travellers come together - The Pink Palace...Wow, is it something! It's like a whole community living here on this island. There's a private beach which is awesome, so we've been swimming and sleeping in the sun - very relaxing after lugging backpacks around for so long! Today, we did a quad bike safari around the island. We went up to the some viewpoints that gave us views that just took our breath away. We also did a lot of off-road stuff, so we are covered in dust...We still have two more days here, and then we are taking the ferry to Italy to meet Ben's parents. I'm really looking forward to Italy, but apparently it's even hotter there than it is here!!!
I'll keep you posted on the going ons.
Missing you all like crazy,
Love Bee