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Bee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Aug 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

MapOk, ok, so I haven't written in AGES, but if you were doing what I am - you would realise that time doesn't always exist in a day to post blogs on a website.

Last Saturday we met Ben's parents and went to Pompeii. We spent the entire day on Sunday exploring the ruins of the city that was covered by lava and ash in the eruption on Mount Vesuvius. We saw plaster casts of some of the bodies that was found which was wack. It was amazing because we could see a Roman city as it really was because everything is so well preserved by the ash.

On Monday we drove to Rome and in the afternoon we visited the Vatican Museum with the Sistine Chapel etc. It was so cool to see the famous paintings by Michelangelo. We also went to St. Peter's Basilica which was completely breath-taking...
On Tuesday we went to the Collosseum where they had the gladiator fights etc. It's HUGE!!! We also went to the Roman Forums which is a kind of public area with lots of temples etc. and then we went to the Museum Capitoli which was also interesting.
Wednesday, we did a walking tour (guided by Ben's parents) of all the squares and fountains of Rome. It was long, but quite impressive.

The next two days were spent exploring Etruscan (ancient civilization) tombs with paintings etc. It was really interesting to learn about something that I had never even heard of before. We also went to Tuscania and visited some medieval churches. We were with some friends of Ben's parents' and they took us to a traditional restaurant which was amazingly delicious. The next day, we ate at their house - we got there at 14h00 and only left at 17h00. We were eating the whole time!!!

Yesterday we left Tuscania and stopped off at the cathedral in Siena. It's decorated in black and white striped marble and it is incredible impressive. We then moved on to Florence, and in the afternoon, we visited the Duomo which was huge. We ate at a typical Italian restaurant again and then ate gelati (mmm, good!)
Today we visited the Pallazo Vecchio and we did a tour of the secret passages which was fun.

So now, I have 2 minutes remaining to save this page and to tell you all that I am missing you a lot.

All my love,

P.S. - For those of you who care, I got into physio at U.C.T!!!!!