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Bee’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Oct 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapOk, so I'm officially not writing from Prague, but I thought that it would look cool on the header thing...
On Tuesday morning at 3.30am, the girls (Mary, Sally (Mary's older sister) and Jade (Mary's best buddy)) set out for the airport. Nothing very exciting happened there, and our flight was pretty short. When we arrived, we jumped in a taxi that took us straight to our door (a 40 minute drive) for only 500K (approx. £13) - well cool!
Let me tell you about our appartment: First of all, the lady that owns it was full on, and she didn't smell too good. Anyway, she was friendly etc. so we can't complain. The apartment consisted of a bathroom and a room with four beds in it - the complete opposite of luxury! Anyhoo, it served it's purpose and it was close enough to stuff.
We spent the rest of the day exploring some of the Old Town. We went a tower of the end of Karluv's Bridge (one of the most famous around...) and we had a great view. There were hundreds of tourists around moving in and out of the little cobbled streets.
For dinner, we went to a cocktail bar and had burgers. It was all so cheap - cocktails only 99K (£1.50)! Unfortunately we couldn't find any dancing clubs that weren't strip joints or had lap dancers everywhere, so we had to forgo our urge to dance.
On Wednesday morning, we walked through the New Town (searching for a recommended coffee shop). We saw the 1150 year old National Theatre, and then we walked up a hill to see the view of the city. From there, we walked back down and got a Subway sandwich for lunch. We then tried to catch the tram up to the castle, but unfortunately we got busted for not having a ticket (we honestly didn't knwo where to get them) and we had to pay a fine of 500K each. Oh well, you live and learn! We eventually made it up to the castle and we bought our tickets and looked around. It's certainly not one of the most magnificent that I've seen, but it was nice. By the time we were finished at the castle, it was pretty late, so we went back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant (good pizza) and got a little bit tipsy on dodgy Czech wine! After eating we went for a drink in a sports bar on our street that was pretty friendly (there was Channel O from SA playing on one of the TV's).
Thursday was our official shopping day. We ate breakfast in a Mark's and Spencer's coffee shop (we are so english)! Before we hit the souvenir shops, we went on a boat trip on the river. I love going on boat tours because you see random things that one would never notice otherwise. After that, we had a panini in a little restaurant and then headed to the main square. We bought a few gifts etc. and then we gathered (with a hundred other people) to watch the 12 Apostles come out of a hatch and nod at the Astronomical Clock. We carried on wandering through the shops, and then headed back to pack. We went out to the same sports bar for our dinner - we had some good Mexican food and a couple of fab cocktails.
Friday morning we were up early, ready for our taxi to take us to the airport. It was such a great trip, and I'm sorry that that's my travelling over for a while. The next time I am on a plan, I will be coming home to warm Cape Town!
Missing you all like crazy. Good luck for your exams (I must say, I don't envy you)!
Love you lots,
Love Bee