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Bee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Nov 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

MapHey Guys,
Just had a fab weekend: We had the whole of Saturday off which was very exciting!
On Saturday night I jumped on a train and made my way to meet Amy at Twickenham (after the game, unfortunately). We spent the evening at a pub having a smashing time with stacks of good laughs. We missed the last train home from Clapham Junction, so we ended up taking a cab to Dorking where we met up with Ed (Amy's boyfriend) and some other people. We went to a pub there for last rounds, and then caught a lift home with some South African guy. We stumbled into bed at about 2.30am.
On Sunday, Amz and I chatted for ages, before haeding to the pub that Kate works in, for lunch. We had a fab lunch, and then we went backf or a nap. I had to leave at about 6.30pm to get home. It was such a great weekend - it was amazing seeing Amy again.
Anyway, I'm home in three weeks - YAY! Gotta go to swimming like 5 minutes ago.
All my love,