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Bee’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Dec 2006

Location: Bishop's Stortford, UK

MapHi Guys,
This will probably be one of my last blog-thingys before I come home. I've been so busy up until now, and I have so much coming up, that it's probably best if I tell you about it when I get home.
We've been having some hectic parties back at the house - last weekend was a BIG one, and this, being my last proper weekend, is probably going to be another big one.
We've got Carol Service this evening, and another one tomorrow morning, and then next week there are all sorts of dinners for different areas of the school.
I know it might sound pretty boring for you, but believe me, the teachers live for these end-of-term celebrations!
I see you all when I'm back - next week!
Love you lots,
Still missing you,
Love Bee