Virginia’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Mar 2007

Location: My Bed - Cairo, Egypt

MapWell I'm eagerly anticipating mum and grandpa's visit. They arrive tomorrow (well the early hours of Sunday to be exact). On Sunday we visit the Pyramids (where I haven't been since training so very excited about that), then up to Alexandria to see the National Museum, some catacombs and a Roman Theatre. Then we drive back to Cairo, hotfoot it to the station and take the train to Luxor. Then we visit Karnak Temple and donkey it to the Valley of the Kings. We have quite a lot of free time in Luxor so I'm reviewing various options. Then back on the train to Cairo and a visit to the Egyptian Museum and the citadel.

I'm so nervous about it though - this will be my most important tour to date so I'd better get it right!

I've had a pretty quiet week this week, just chilling out in the flat and trying to save a bit of cash. I've only had 2 takeaways this week which is a bit of record for the flat - the kitchen isn't great! Watched a lot of dvds and been online sooooooooo much - wireless internet is great!

Been trying to think about the future, scary! I've put in for a transfer to South East Asia but who knows if / when something will come up. My plan B is to perhaps teach conversational English in Asia. I think the pay is meant to be pretty good and it would be a good way to see the continent. I've got a wee bit of time before I need to start making decisions but it goes so fast here - once mum's gone I have one tour and then we're into April. If anyone can recommend any sites for working abroad it would be appreciated.

Well I'll update you post-family...