Virginia’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Mar 2007

Location: Egypt

MapMum & Grandpa's Visit

Well I'm feeling a bit low today because mum and grandpa just left last night (well the early hours of this morning). We had an absolutely fantastic week though and I think I've given mum the travel bug!

We saw the pyramids then headed up to Alex and down to Luxor. Mum loved the donkey ride to the Valley of the Kings - we went a different way to usual, through some local backstreets which was great. Gave them an idea of real Egypt, although grandpa had a bit of a frisky donkey so he had to swap half way!

We went to a local house for lunch which they loved and had a wee felucca tour as well so they got a flavour of life on the Nile. I did give them a bit of time off though, although not too much as we had lots to see. Think they were pretty tired when they left!

So it was great, but really sad to say goodbye. You don't realise of course how much you miss your family until you see them. But I'm so happy they came out and now at least they have some idea of what I do out here.

So I have another week off now, boo, and then on to Nile Valley Red Sea which is on our slowest tours so I'll be chilling out on the boat for a week before going to Hurghada and some snorkelling. No Mt Sinai - hooray!

Great news from home, my friend Jo had a wee boy Robert last week and seems to be taking to motherhood like a duck to water. Can't wait to get back and visit them all.