Virginia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Mar 2007

Location: Luxor, Egypt

MapGreetings from Luxor

Am just over half way through my current tour, Nile Valley Red Sea and to be honest I'm finding it a bit of a struggle! I've only got 5 people and some of them are pretty hard work so the two weeks so far have really dragged...however they are being slightly better than they were are the start so maybe things are on the up. They say that everyone has a bad tour at some point and I've been lucky to date so I guess it's just my time. I think because in my head I've moved to asia already it's not really helping things, I need to get more focussed!

We just arrived in Luxor and we've got donkey day tomorrow (although only 2 of my 5 are doing the donkeys) and then a full day sightseeing on Wed before heading off to Hurghada on Thursday for some snorkelling and then back to Cairo. I've got 4 days off before I start my next tour and I'm going to speak to my boss and see if anything is coming up in Asia.

I was going to write a long message but there's a super creepy guy sitting next to me in the internet cafe, speaking to himself in english about all the sexy ladies he's got up on screen (english so I can understand him and be impressed no doubt) so I"m doing a runner.

Sorry for the moan and I'm sure I'll be on better form next time!