Virginia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

Location: Dahab, Egypt

MapCrazy Tour

Wow this tour is totally crazy. For starters I have 18 people so things are always going to be really busy and so many things have gone wrong! Like a girl leaving her passport and credit cards in a hotel - not usually a problem, but we were in a convoy so couldn't go back for it. And it was 3am. However a few phone calls later and all was sorted. Lots of other things have happened too so I'm just wondering if it will all go wrong on Mt Sinai!

However the group is really nice, which makes all the difference and I managed to survive the 3 days on the feluccas (never my favourite was to spend time).

So fingers crossed i have a week off next week - a couple of the girls are thinking about going to Israel for a few days so I might take them up on that. Can't really afford it but I guess I'll never have the chance again to just pop over to Israel!

Just back from very windy snorkelling and then out for dinner in a few hours - the group is up for a big night tonight so god knows what I'll be like in the morning, I had the shakes today and I only had a couple of drinks, although I was super tired as I had only had a few hours' sleep in 2 days...the joys of tour leading.

Hope you all had great Easters and I'll try and get back to visit some time soon, could do with a wee break, it's actually a pretty tiring job, what with having to be nice to people all the time! Had a couple of freaks outs the last few days and don't want that to become par for the course so I think chilling out somewhere would do me the world of good.