Virginia’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Apr 2007

Location: Cairo, Egypt

MapThe Pharaonic Village

Well since I first came to Cairo I've wanted to visit the Pharaonic
Village. I'd heard it was a really cheesy theme park type place where people dress up in costume and show you life in ancient times. However it's really expensive - about £15 UK which is a lot pay at home and a small fortune over here! However since I decided not to go to Israel (too shattered after 4 weeks' work to endure another set of long bus journeys) a few of us decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Well, it was fantastic! There were certainly some cheesy parts to it but it was also really informative - some fantastic small museums telling you about Islam and Presidents Nasser and Sadat, along with stuff about mummies, pyramids, Alexander the Great and lots more stuff (including bizarrely an exhibition about chocolate). We saw some mini Egyptian temples and statues of the gods. We spent about 6 hours there and even did the naff dress up in Egyptian costume and get photo taken thing.

Anyway I've uploaded some snaps of our fun day - if you ever visit Cairo I would highly recommend a visit!