Virginia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Location: Aqaba, Jordan

MapAsia Update

Well just got word on my plans for Asia. I fly to Bangkok (where our manager is based) on 3 July and then fly out to Hanoi in Vietnam on 4 July! My first training tour starts on 6 July I think. It's Vietnam Highlights - check it out, looks pretty cruisy

No flipping Mt Sinai like I had to do this morning. What a day - got up at 1.30 for the walk then bus transfer to Nuweiba where we were getting the ferry to Jordan. Had to wait 4 hours before we could get on the ferry which was bad enough but the bus didn't have any air conditioning and I reckon it was in the high 30's. So we finally got on the ferry at 4pm then it didn't even leave until after 6. Got to hotel in Jordan around 8.30, had quick dinner, had to meet 2 new people in my group and then go out and change money as we can only take US into Jordan from Egypt, no local currency. Then a chat with our tour guide (we have quite different opinions on tour running but as I'm nearly at the end here I'm trying to stay chilled).

Oh yeah then it was chaos collecting the bags at Jordan, they had all been put on a trolley together and some random person had feta cheese or something in their bag which leaked all over mine so now I have a cheesy bag that frankly I don't have the energy to clean. It's now 11.30 so I've nearly been up for 24 hours. Up at 7.30 to take my group snorkelling (believe me I'd rather have a sleep in) and then off to the desert and Petra the next day.

However my room has wireless so I'm kind of happy although it means I won't sleep for ages!

Anyhoo rant over (don't get me started about when I lost the plot on Mt Sinai with the Americans on camels) going to try and relax for a few days as the tour guide wants to take over and who am I to stop him, anything for an easy life...

hope you're all well - leave me some messages, haven't seen any for a while.

Getting really excited about Caroline and Sharon's impending visits, but not my visit to the Vietnamese Embassy in Cairo - but I can do it, just need to brace myself for the apparently inept staff.

Better go - to clean the cheese tonight or not to clean the cheese, that is the question...the joys of tour leading..