Virginia’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Jun 2007

Location: Aswan, Egypt

MapLast Tour in Egypt

well i'm coming to end of my last round of tours here - thank god. I'm absolutely shattered after nearly 4 weeks on the road and it's so hot now that I spend as much time indoors as possible!

currently in aswan on the whirlwind that is 'punishment' or Nubian Saitrek, to give it its official name. Cairo - Aswan - Luxor - Cairo in 4 days, crazy. The lastest we get up this week is 7am. This is following the ferry journey from hell coming across from Jordan when we didn't reach our final destination til 11.30 at night, instead of mid afternoon...

Still my sister comes out on Sunday followed by Sharon so that should put a spring in my step. This group is pretty hard work, however i suspect part of that is just my desire to finish up and have a holiday, it's been ages. Once again, a reminder that this is no holiday, a great job, but not a holiday!

Then I fly to bangkok on 2 July = just got my vietnam visa yesterday and have been reading up the old guide book so getting really excited now, should give me a bit of energy back i reckon.

Better go, off to meet group for dinner (yawn) and then up at 3.30 for abu simbel - oh no the last time I'll have to do that, what a shame. and just finished my last Mount Sinai, thank God! I was so over it...

Anyhoo duty calls - and please do leave some messages if you've been reading, it's great to hear from you all xx