Virginia’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jun 2007

Location: Cairo, Egypt

MapLast entry - probably - from Egypt

Well am coming to end of sister's visit, been a great if hectic week. We're just vegging out in the flat for the afternoon and then a 1am airport run to drop Caroline off and collect my friend. Then a week here with Sharon before a short, and welcome, trip home. Absolutely shattered! Then back here for a few days before heading to my new adventures in Asia. Getting really excited now, got me Vietnamese visa and all ready to go. Oh yeah, except for the packing, i've blocked that out of my mind. However I'll have a whole 2 days to get that sorted...

Will upload some cool shots from this week, including our hot air balloon ride which was fab. Currently got a very sore back (again) after being out on snorkel boat yesterday - that sun gets me every time, you'd have thought I'd have learned by now huh?

hope you all well and come and visit me in Asia xx