Virginia’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAsia - First Entry

Well i've been here just over a week and in some ways it seems like ages as it's been jam packed and in some ways i don't feel nearly ready to lead my first tour in over a week.

I arrived in Bangkok last Tuesday, then on Wednesday afternoon flew out to Saigon. On Thursday my training tour began - Saigon to Bangkok via Cambodia and we've just arrived back in Bangkok. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving at 8 to fly to Hanoi in the north of Vietnam and I begin my week of full on self training (eg getting myself around the country and seeing the sights) and I lead my first tour next Thursday. It's the same one i trained on so it should be ok, and then I do it in reverse, from Bangkok to Saigon and then I'm doing my first Vietnam tour which is the one I'm really worried about as i won't know anything! However my trainer this week was great and we've been through the tour in detail so I should be ok. It's just not really knowing the place at all that worries me!

Cambodia was amazing, the suffering these people went through under Pol Pot was terrible, and I did cry when I visited one of the Torture Prisons - however they've bounced back amazingly well and they are so friendly with very little hassle - tourism hasn't taken off hugely yet so it's very refreshing after Egypt.

Bangkok is ok - i don't know it very well (given i've only spent 24 hours here!), but a bit touristy for me, I think I'll like Vietnam and Cambodia better.

Better go as I need to get some kip before my early start (the first of many). Don't think I'll get much time off out here, one of the other tour leader is on her first day off since the start of April! But busy is good...i'll try to upload some snaps soon x