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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Amsterdam!, Netherlands

MapHello Everyone!

Sooooo sorry it has taken us soooo long to get this page going! it has been really hard to get onto the internet as we have been so busy!

Anyways we are now in Amsterdam! Its soooo hot at the moment its crazy!

well it will take me forever to tell you all the things we have been up to so i will give you a brief run-down!

LONDON - got to london, had a horrible hostel, cried, got over it, went sight seeing to big ben etc, caught up with cloudy, had a big night, got into a big club for free, went home, checked into a hotel, got julia to help carry all our stuff, went to meet cloudy at portobello markets, took lots of pictures, ate some yummy food, caught the bus to TOP SHOP and some other great shops, saw jackie O, started SCREAMING, got a photo with her, went home, went out to dinner, went to bed...oh wow.....sunday, went to the museums, saw lots of paintings, went to the tate modern museum, saw stuff from andy warhol etc, ate some thai food, went to bed, went to the changing of the guards, quite boring so old fashioned in london, met Della for lunch, decided to change all travel plans, ran around london like crazy trying to get it sorted, then finally met the girls, had a few drinks and relaxed, next to...

PARIS - soooo it was so refrehing to get out of LONDON! oh wow time is running out on the net, so paris is BEAUTIFUL and i will have to continue this later....also please stand by for some PICTURES

love you all x