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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Jun 2006

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mapok so im back! we found a mac shop with FREE internet...

where were we -

PARIS - we love it! got there and checked into our HOTEL Andre Gill, which we like to tell people with a fancy french accent so it sounds classy..hehe...the andre gill was in montemarte, right near the MOULIN ROUGE! we got there and the first night we went and bought cheese, baggette and strawberries and sat at the top of the Sacre Coeur, (i apologise for any spelling errors!) was AMAZING a awsome view of the city of Paris.. there were guys break dancing at the top with a soccer ball, they were awsome...we did a bit of exploring of montemarte and went and sat out the front of the moulin ruge, then headed to bed... next day we decided we wanted to go and sit at the Champs Elysee and drink we did, we felt very un-backpackker like :) we also went to look at the Ard D'Triumph and the Louvre, however, didnt go in - it is HUGE! Bridge has already been so i thought i would save it for another time.. Then we headed to Saint Germain, the cool young area in paris, did a bit of shopping and lots of walking before stopping at a fancy bar for a glass of wine, well wasnt this bar a good choice, we met a bunch of people from Switzerland who ended up giving us their tickets to the FRENCH OPEN SEMI-FINALS! oh wow - bridge was SUPER excited!

next day headed to the FRENCH OPEN! it was pretty exciting, so many people! got great seats! after the games we had our BIKE TOUR which was definitely the highlight of our time in paris...we rode around the streets in bikes, it was crazy! the cars were extremely unimpressed! we went all around, starting from the eiffel tour... this also included a boat tour with FREE winos! the eiffel tour looked AMAZING, it was so SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!! wait till you see the pics! anyways you can imagine bridge and mel riding bikes through paris after a few winos! we were swerving everywhere and yelling out BONSIOR to everyone...we also were calling eachother Brigittee and Mehanie with french accents, it was very FUNNY! after this we got a HUGE crepe with chocolate and banana and headed back to the the next day we left for BRUGES in BELGIUM....

anyways this is to be continued as we are off to the red light district here in amsterdam YAY - so FUN!

bye everyone! miss you x