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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Jun 2006

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapHi everyone, heres our next update!!! So, after Paris we went to BRUGES! The home of waffles and Belgian beer! (The belgian beer bar has NOTHING on Bruges!). We arrived on Friday afternoon in Bruges to discover a very small but beautiful historical european town. After walking around the quaint streets for a couple of hours we were pretty sure we had seen it all! So, next stop was obviously the pub for some beers! That night we went out for 3 euro pasta with some of our busabout friends followed by some more beer tasting of all the local different beers which each have their own glasses.

On Saturday we hired bikes and made the rather hot and strenuous cycle to the Belgian seaside! This was definitely no Broadbeach or Surfers but we can now say that we have both swum in the North Sea!!! It was absolutely FREEZING water!!! But the beach was lots of fun, and there were people with beach chairs everywhere! After a dirty cheeseburger and watching ANOTHER soccer match in the small seaside town, we made the journey back to 'Snuffles' Inn where we yet again decided we should taste some more beers.

On Sunday we caught the bus to Amsterdam... what was meant to be a 4 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip from hell with a 5 hour 'stopover' on the side of the Belgian highway 15 minutes out of Bruges! Our bus apparently snapped some sort of gear cable and apparently was 'unmoveable'. Finally a CONTIKI bus of all things came to the rescue and drove us to Amerstam, so the whole way to 'The Dam' we were all saying 'Thank god for Contiki'....

That was Bruges... Amsterdam will be next!
Miss you all very very much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx