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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Jun 2006

Location: Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

MapHello Everybody!

Well we are currently in the Czech Republic in a small town called Cesky Krumlov...thank you all so much for your messages!

Well we have been in the Czech Republic for nearly 6 days...firstly we stayed in Prague for 3 nights which was awsome. We left the busabout crew and found our own hostel, which happened to be the BEST hostel ever, big doonas and pillows, showers etc, it was heaven. Once again the Czechs hold some sort of ercord for beer consumption, so the beer was cheap! First night we went and found a cute little pasta place and had a few Budweiser beers, for all of you that dont know, the czech people started the original busweiser beer, and the americans ripped it off! Anyways, its great, and so cheap, like 1 ausralian dollar for half a litre, yes thats right we drink PINTS!

First day in prague we did a walking town around the city, which was good as we saw everything we needed to in this 4 hour tour. Got some great pic's which we will post later...this was the day of the AUS vs BRAZIL game so of course we were in our Aussie singlets! we watched the very depressing game on the big screen in the old city centre in Prague, such a beautiful place! That night after a few more PINTS we lay in the middle of the square with a few other busabouters til 3am as we were pretty tipsy and prague seemed just so beautiful!

THe next day we had a nice sleep in and just went exploring, drank coffee, went to a photographers exhibition which was sooooo good, then drank more beer, ate more and then headed home... the next day we came here... to little Cesky Krumlov...

Bridge likes to tell the story about how the whole town in heritage listed so im sure you will all get an earful when we get home cause i have heard her say it at least 30 times....

but yes it is very pretty, you can walk around the whole town in about 15 minutes. yesterday we hired a raft and flated down the river for about 5 hours, it was great.. there were rapids and everything.. so after we had made a few stops for BEER of course it was a very interesting trip!

Today we are off to Vienna Austria. Looking forward to the Australia vs Croatia game! woo hooo